Hello, I'm Alex. I got a 3D Printer in 2019, for my 11th birthday. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, I have been trying to help in any way that I could. Then, I found an image of a 3D Printed design online. I saved it to my files and started printing for a few people that my mom knew, and I created a logo and a punny name. Printdemic. (PRINT + panDEMIC). She posted what I was doing on Facebook and orders came flying in. I have now 3D Printed 4700+ ear protectors, and donated them all over the country.

Anyone can order ear protectors, they are 

completely free!

New Mask Boxes

I just recently designed a cool mask box.  This box is entirely my creation.  The box allows you to store your mask safely when you need to take it off for a short period of time.  Perfect for lunchtime at school or at work.  I can make adult size or child size mask boxes

Click here for more information.

To make an order for either product, or for more info, contact me or my Mom by pressing the button below.

Thank You

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