Love them.  They save my ears (and sanity) daily.  Have many thankful colleagues too!  Thanks for making them 🙂


I like the ear protectors very much, my staff at the cardiology office like them very much.  The ears feel much better at the end of the day. Alex's service was very prompt.  Thank you Alex for the great effort and initiative


Alex made me 62 ear protectors for me to donate to Carlingwood Manor.  The staff were very pleased to receive them.  Alex was very punctual in his completion of the order.  I kept one because I wear hearing aids and it really helps.  I highly recommend them.  Please help to spread the word.


Thanks to Alex and his ear protectors, I'm able to comfortably see all my patients during a shift without any pain or discomfort from my mask. The quality is excellent and the ear protector stays in place perfectly!


I am very grateful to Alex for making me some ear protectors. As a cancer rehabilitation physiotherapist I am wearing a mask all day. His ear savers have really helped make things more comfortable. Thank you Alex for helping me out!


Thank you Alex! Our ears were hurting until we started using your Printdemic ear protectors with our masks. The ear protectors are easy to use, very comfortable, and easy to keep clean. Highly recommend!!

Thank You

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